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Vol 15 (2011): JUUM A Legal Scrutiny on the Auditors’ Role to Whistle-Blow Abstract   PDF
Loganathan Krishnan
Vol 23 (2018): JUUM A Mission with a Clear Vision: Eliminating the Problems of Public Policy in the Malaysian Contracts Act 1950 Abstract   PDF
Kho Feng Ming, Asma Hakimah Ab Halim, Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff
Vol 28 (2021): JUUM A Move Towards UNCAT Accession by Malaysia: Challenges and Prospects Abstract   PDF
Anati Kisahi, Rohaida Nordin
2018: JUUM (ISU KHAS/SPECIAL ISSUE) A Study of Elopement among Muslims in Malaysia and Island of Lombok, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Muhamad Helmi Md Said, Noraini Md Hashim, Nora Abd. Hak, Roslina Che Soh
Vol 18 (2014): JUUM Admissibility of Covert Surveillance Evidence: A Prolegomenon Abstract   PDF
Md. Abdul Jalil, Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal
Vol 16 (2012): JUUM Adoption of the Principle of ‘Invitation to Treat’ in Islamic Law of Contracts Abstract   PDF
Md. Abdul Jalil
Vol 5 (2001): JUUM Advisory Opinion Of ICJ: Does It Matter? Abstract   PDF
Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd. Nor
Vol 7 (2003): JUUM Akta Kualiti Alam Sekeliling 1974 (Akta 127): Peranan dan Keberkesanan Peraturan, Perintah dan Kaedah-kaedah di Bawahnya Abstract   PDF
Shamsuddin Suhor
Vol 5 (2001): JUUM An Appraisal Of The Proviso To S 16 (1)(A) Of Sale Of Goods Act 1957 Abstract   PDF
Haniff Ahamat
Vol 26 (2020): JUUM An Induction of Basic Structure Doctrine in Malaysian Jurisprudence and Federal Constitution: An Overview Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Hassan, Johan Shamsuddin Bin Sabaruddin
Vol 15 (2011): JUUM Analisis Pelaksanaan Prosiding Saman Penghutang Penghakiman dalam Penguatkuasaan Perintah Pembayaran Nafkah: Kajian Kes Mahkamah Abstract   PDF
Zaini Nasohah, Suwaid Tapah
Vol 22 (2018): JUUM Analisis Pemakaian Prinsip Keadilan dalam Timbang Tara Abstract   PDF
Abraham Mathew
Vol 14 (2010): JUUM Application of International Convention on Human Rights in British Coronial System as an Example for Malaysia Abstract   PDF
Noorfajri Ismail
Vol 24 (2019): JUUM Armed Non-State Actors and State Failure: Failing International Law or Failure of International Law Abstract   PDF
Suleiman Usman Santuraki
Vol 13 (2009): JUUM Article 121 ofthe 1982 Law ofthe Sea Convention And The Maritime Delimitation In The Straits of Singapore Abstract   PDF
Wan Siti Adibah Wan Dahalan, Adina Kamaruddin, Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd Nor
Vol 25 (2019): JUUM Assessment on State’s Duty to Protect Human Rights Violations By Business Enterprises within Oil & Gas Industry (O&G) Abstract   PDF
Ma Kalthum Ishak, Rohaida Nordin
Vol 8 (2004): JUUM Bidang Kuasa Mahkamah Perusahaan: Satu Kritikan Abstract   PDF
Kamal Halili Hassan
Vol 13 (2009): JUUM Biotechnology Law Policy For Developing Countries: The Third Patentability Requirement Is Still A Constraint Abstract   PDF
Nor Ashikin Mohd Yusof
Vol 16 (2012): JUUM Bloggers as Amateur Journalists and Their Position under the Regulatory System of the Press in The UK Abstract   PDF
Nazli Ismail@Nawang
Vol 2 (1998): JUUM Book Review: Malaysian Industrial Relations, Law and Practice Abstract   PDF
Kamal Halili Hassan
Vol 15 (2011): JUUM Bringing Life to Folklore: Problem of Definition Abstract   PDF
Safinaz Mohd Hussein, Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd Noor, Nazura Abdul Manap
Vol 13 (2009): JUUM Cabaran Penguatkuasaan Dan Pelaksanaan Perintah Nafkah Di Mahkamah Syariah Negeri Selangor Dari Perspektif Peguam Syar'ie Abstract   PDF
Zaini Nasohah
Vol 4 (2000): JUUM Case Commentary: Recovery for a Pathological Grief Reaction Following Bereavement : Sloss v NSW Abstract   PDF
Yega Muthu
Vol 26 (2020): JUUM Challenges in Implementing Inclusive Development Concept in Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Abstract   PDF
Nurul Hidayat Ab Rahman, Saidatul Nadia Abd Aziz
Vol 2 (1998): JUUM Coastal Zone Management in Malaysia - Pollution Control Abstract   PDF
Hanim Kamaruddin
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