Pembentukan dan Penilaian Bahan Pendidikan Bercetak Bertajuk “Panduan Penyusuan Susu Ibu: Fakta Vs Mitos”

Sameeha Mohd Jamil, Ngew Chi Yee


The beliefs of mothers on myths or misconceptions on breastfeeding were found to be influencing their acceptance to exclusively breastfeeding their infants. Therefore, this study was aimed to develop an educational tool in the form of leaflet entitled “Guide on breastfeeding: Facts vs myths.” This study involved three phases; phase I were surveying and needs assessment; phase II was the development of printed educational material and phase III was the process evaluation of the printed educational material by 41 Malay pregnant women. A total number of 41 subjects were involved in phase III through calculation of sample size by using program G*Power and the power of study were 0.8. In phase III, pre-test knowledge questionnaire was given to subjects to assess the level of knowledge on breastfeeding and it was collected immediately once they have completed it. The subjects were given one week to read and understand the leaflet and then answer the post-test knowledge questionnaire and the evaluation form of the leaflet. In phase III, the findings showed that all subjects (100.0%) understood the contents of the leaflet. While 95.1% (n = 39) of subjects felt that pictures were important to increase the attractiveness of the printed educational material and around 75.6% (n = 31) subjects stated that the pictures in the leaflet given were attractive. Majority of subjects (97.0%) had intention to give exclusive breastfeeding for six months to their infants after reading the leaflet. Subjects’ mean percentage knowledge scores increased significantly (p < 0.001) from 83.1 ± 13.1% during pre-test to 94.3 ± 6.7% during post-test with t = 5.58 and large effect size, d = 1.13. In conclusion, the developed printed educational material was rated positively and effective in increasing the level of knowledge on breastfeeding among pregnant mothers. In this regard, designed leaflet can be used as a teaching tool to educate mothers about breastfeeding.



Printed educational material; breastfeeding; myths

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