Hubungan Antara Ciri-ciri Rambut dan Dua Etnik Terbesar di Malaysia

Rafina Mimi Muhamad, Pua Hiang, Atiah Ayunni Abdul Ghani, Balkhis Bashuri, Abdul Aziz Ishak, Khairul Osman


Determination of races in the analysis of hair on scalp is one of the challenges faced in forensic analysis to identify victims, suspects and crime scene. This study aimed to determine the differences among the two main races in Malaysia which included Malay and Chinese, through the examination of the characteristics of hair. These includes general features of the hair, patterns of cuticle, colors, cortex pigment distribution and characteristics of medulla - types, thickness and medulla index. This study was carried out by using a light microscope and consisted of five steps, which were sample preparation, examination of common features of hair, preparation and examination of cuticle scales matrix, cortex and medulla. Result showed that most of the Malay have dark brown pigments while Chinese have pigments of light brown color. We also noted that thickness of medulla can also be used to differentiate between Malay and Chinese where average values for Malay and Chinese are 7.59 ± 1.45 μm and 9.12 ± 1.85 μm, respectively. The average values of medulla index for Malay and Chinese were noticeably different at 0.17 ± 0.02 μm and 0.18 ± 0.02 μm, respectively. However, textures, thickness of hair, patterns of cuticle scales, and types of medulla do not show any significant difference between Malay and Chinese. In conclusion, this study has shown that pigment colors, thickness of medulla and medulla index are important characteristics that can be used to determine race.


Forensic science; hair; race; cuticle scales; medulla

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