Gangguan Penglihatan dan Kualiti Hidup Warga Emas di Pusat Jagaan

Rokiah Omar, Sharifah N Syed Alwi, Victor Feizal Knight, Nur Zakiah Mohd Saat, Sazlina Kamaralzaman


Visual Functions are affected by the aging process and without appropriate intervention eventually will results in diminishing visual acuity. As the situation proceeds difficulty to perform daily life activities ensureand will impact on the quality of life especially in the elderly. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of visual impairment towards daily activities and quality of life among elderly. Measurements that were conducted included visual acuity at distance using the LogMAR Chart to determine the level of visual impairment, quality of life test using the Low Vision Quality of Life (LVQOL) questionnaire and ability to cope with the activities of daily life was measured using the Barthel Index (BI). It was found that visual function progressively worsens with age, as did the BI which declined as visual function worsened. The LVQOL score reduced significantly with worsening visual ability. Thirty five percent of the elderly in this study required some form of optometric and low vision intervention. In conclusion, the deterioration in the functions among elderly can reduce the ability to cope with the daily life activities. Other than that, uncorrected visual acuity will cause reduction in the quality of life among the elderlies.


Elderly; Visual disturbance; Activity of daily life; Quality of life

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