Ayam Organik Alternatif Daging Putih kepada Pengguna untuk Kesihatan yang Lebih Baik: Satu Tinjauan Literatur

Norsuhana Abdul Hamid, Jamilah Ismail


Meat plays an important role in a balanced diet. Meat provides an excellent source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and also minerals such as zinc and iron. Even though meat supplies various nutrient requirement needed by our body, excessive meat consumption can also lead to negative impacts on health. The first part of this study will be focussing on the health risks of red meat intake. A high intake of red meat, in terms of frequency and quantity, may cause various diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. In the second part, this study discuss the impact of white meat intake on health. Intake of white meat may bring forth a variety of negative effects on health due to the extensive use of hormones, antibiotics and vaccines during the poultry farming process. As an alternative, we propose organic chicken meat to be included in consumers’ daily diet. Principles of organic poultry farming that emphasizes livestock’s quality of feeds without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as well as humane aspects of animal welfare and prioritize health care of livestock without the use of hormones, antibiotics and vaccines are also discussed.


Red meat; White meat; Organic chicken; Health

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