Influence of Low Power He-Ne Laser Irradiation on Hemoglobin Concentration, Mean Cellular Volume of Red Blood Cell, and Mean Cellular Hemoglobin

Hend Abubaker Houssien, Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar, Zahra Al Timimi, Farhad Mustafa, Asaad Ismail, Zalila Ali


The effect of low power 0.95 mW He-Ne laser irradiation (ë = 632.8 nm) on the subpopulations of human blood parameters such as hemoglobin concentration (HGB), mean cellular volume of red blood cell (MCV), and mean cellular hemoglobin (MCH) were investigated by electronic sizing at the Wellness Centre of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). These parameters were correlated with human characteristics such as age, gender, ethnic, and blood types. The correlations were obtained by finding patterns in changes of blood parameters after radiation, non-parametric tests using SPSS version 11.5, centroid and peak positions, and flux variations. The analysis revealed significant changes according to human characteristics, for age (p = 0.067), gender (p = 0.044), ethnic (p = 0.094), and blood types (p = 0.099). This finding shows that the centroid and peak positions, flux peak and total flux, were highly correlated with human characteristics and can become a significant indicator for blood analysis. Furthermore, the encircled flux analysis demonstrated a good future prospect in blood research, thus leading the way as a vibrant diagnosis tool to clarify diseases associated with blood.


He-Ne laser irradiation; erythrocytes; hemoglobin; mean cellular volume; mean cellular hemoglobin

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