Kebolehpercayaan Alat Penilaian Kefungsian Mobiliti di Kalangan Warga Emas di Malaysia

Nor Afifi Razaob, Priscilla Tang Shu Fern, Masne Kadar, Noorashikin Samin


Functional mobility among the older population is an important element for a meaningful quality of life. The implementation of functional mobility assessments among the older people is vital to ensure appropriate steps can be taken in order to detect changes in functional mobility. There are varieties of functional mobility assessments available however most of the reliability test are based on Western countries. Therefore this study was to determine the reliability of three types of functional mobility status assessment of physical activity, especially among the older person. Sixty older respondents with the average age of 76.32 years and standard deviation of 8.66 participated in this study performed three types of functional assessments; Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT), Timed Up and Go Test (TUG), Sit-to-Stand Test (STS). Two measurements were carried out with a week gap from the first measurement. Intraclass Correlation (ICC), Limits of Agreement (LOA) and Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) statistical tests followed by the combination of the three statistical analysis measurements were used for data analysis. The results showed all functional measurement tools using ICC, LOA, SEM and combination of three types analysis were highy reliable. The ICC value was exceeded 0.90 (ICC=0.94-0.99). The LOA graph for all activity measurement tools showed some degree of reliability while the SEM percentage recorded a value of less than 10% (SEM%=0.95%-9.95%). In conclusion, all three functional measurement tools are highly reliable and can be used as one of the functional test among the older people in Malaysia.




6MWT; TUG; STS; functional assessment; the elderly

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