Acceptance of Freshwater Fish Meal Among Students in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Razalee Sedek, Nor Farhana Mohd Samwil


Various efforts and campaigns have been carried out by the government to encourage the acceptance of freshwater fish
meal by the public. The objectives of this study were to assess the acceptance of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) students towards freshwater fish meal and to determine the factors that influence freshwater fish meal intake. A total of 232 students were randomly chosen from faculties in UKM (Bangi campus). Besides of students, food handlers of UKM’s Cafeteria were also involved in this study. Questionnaire were used to assess level of understanding and acceptability of students towards freshwater fish, frequency of freshwater fish meal intake and the factors that affect their intake. The extent of availability and variety of freshwater fish meal was identified by observations at selected cafeterias in UKM. Majority of respondents (95.7%) were aware of freshwater fish in general but only 55.6% of the respondents know the
type or species of freshwater fish. Results showed that majority of respondents (63.3%) choose fresh water fish as meal. Chi Squared Test showed that there were significant associations between religion and race with respondents’ selection of freshwater fish as a meal (p < 0.05). Catfish (51.9%) was the most prefered fresh water fish by respondents. Meals most favored by majority of  respondents (36.2%) were fried freshwater fish. Majority of respondents (43.2%) like to eat freshwater fish due to the taste factor. Most cafeterias in UKM sell freshwater fish dishes. This is mainly because they want to add variation in the menu sold in their cafeterias. A total of 69.2% of the cafeterias reported students’ acceptance on freshwater fish meals were very good but only for selected freshwater fish meal. This study provides useful information to the government on the acceptibility and awareness among university students towards freshwater fish and also to assist food handler of UKM’s Cafeteria in preparation of freshwater fish meals that are suitable with the students’ preference.



Freshwater fi sh; Fishery Department; University student

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