Tahap Sokongan Majikan terhadap Tahap Keterlibatan Program Lifelong Learning (LLL) Pekerja Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (PKS) (The Level of SME Employer Support towards their Workers Involvement in the Lifelong Learning Program)

Zarina Kassim, Nor Aishah Buang, Muhammad Hussin


Kajian ini bertujuan membincangkan tahap sokongan majikan PKS terhadap keterlibatan pekerja dalam program Lifelong Learning (LLL). Kajian ini mengaplikasikan pendekatan secara kuantitatif menggunakan reka bentuk soal selidik keratan rentas. Seramai 1,148 pekerja PKS dipilih sebagai responden. Hasil analisis mendapati walaupun tahap sokongan majikan berada pada tahap rendah namun hubungannya masih signifikan. Selain itu, terdapat perbezaan yang signifikan antara pendapatan dan tahap pendidikan pekerja dengan tahap sokongan majikan kepada pekerja. Justeru, kajian ini mencadangkan supaya pihak kerajaan dapat memberikan sokongan kepada majikan untuk melibatkan pekerja mereka dalam program LLL. Antaranya melalui pemberian insentif khas kepada majikan yang menghantar pekerja dalam program LLL serta pengecualian cukai ke atas majikan PKS supaya pendapatan yang sepatutnya dikenakan cukai dapat diberikan kepada pekerja sebagai elaun pendidikan dan latihan pekerja.

Kata kunci: Perusahaan Kecil Sederhana (PKS), Lifelong Learning (LLL), pekerja, insentif


This paper is a part of Research Project GC-2014-11 outcomes. The study is aimed to investigate the level of support by SME employers towards the involvement of their workers in Lifelong Learning Program (LLL). This study applies quantitative approach by using cross-sectional questionnaire design. A total of 1148 SME workers have been chosen as respondents. The analysis shows that even though the level of employers’ support is at low level, but the relation is still significant. Other than that, there is significant difference between income and education level of the workers with the support level of employers towards the workers. With that, this study suggests that the government should give encouragement to the employers in order to make their workers participate in LLL. Among the initiatives are through the special incentive giveaway for the employers who sends their workers to LLL program and tax exemption for these employers in ensuring the exact taxed income to be distributed among the workers as education and training allowances.

Keywords: Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s), Lifelong Learning (LLL), employees; incentives

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17576/JPEN-2018-43.03-12


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