Survival Orang Melayu di Johor Berikutan Kekejaman Komunis, 1945 (The Survival of The Malay In Johor Due To Communist Atrocity, 1945)

Mohamed Ali Haniffa, Zulhilmi Paidi, Nor Azlah Sham Rambely


This article presents on the survival of the Malay in Johor following the communist atrocities in Malaya. The Japanese occupation in Malaya had opened a space to the communist’s cruelty, especially in the process of legitimizing it’s power. The Malays who were oppressed by the communist began to rely on scholars, religious leaders and local public figures and manifested jihad and sabilillah. Malays survival in Mukim IV and VII, Batu Pahat, Johor had provided an inspiration to the Malays nationwide in defending their lives, race and religion. This study is using oral resources and research literature methods involving documents and files. The results showed that the Malays struggle against the communist had sparked nationalism and it was to free their motherland.

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