FILIAL THERAPY WORK BEST FOR PRESCHOOLERS’ CHILDREN WITH CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR (Keberkesanan Terapi Filial bagi Kanak-kanak Prasekolah yang Mempunyai Tingkah Laku

Marziyeh Alivandi Vafa, Khaidzir Hj Ismail


The primary aim of this article is to revisit a buzz-word in the field of child psychology: Filial
therapy. To this end, attempts have been made to indicate filial therapy 's advantages and
contributions as a responsive practice in assisting psychologists to deal with children problem
behaviors. To gain an in-depth insight into filial therapy, the concept of parent-child relationship
on which filial therapy hinges will be fully covered in this article. Also, the article will address the
factors involved in the development of filial therapy as an educational and practical model within the
domain of psychology.

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