INTRAPERSONAL CONFLICT BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY AND HOMOSEXUALITY: THE PERSONAL EFFECTS FACED BY GAY MEN AND LESBIANS (Konflik intrapersonal di antara kepercayaan Kristian dan homoseksualiti: Kesa personal yang dihadapi oleh lelaki gay dan lesbian)

Subhi, N., Mohamad, S. M., Sarnon, N., Nen, S., Khadijah Alavi, Sheau Tsuey Chong, Hoesni, S. M.


Potential conflict between Christianity and homosexuality is not considered as a totally new phenomenon.
Nonetheless, since scarce is known regarding the matter this might assumed the level of intolerance is still
high within most traditional western religion including Christianity. A qualitative study of 10 male and 10
female Christian homosexuals was conducted via in-depth semi-structured interviews. This paper seeks to
explore the potential conflict between Christianity and homosexuality faced by the respondents. The
result found that the majority, eighty percent (80%), were affected by the conflict, suggesting that both
Christianity and homosexuality were important components of their lives. The most common personal
effects of conflict between Christianity and homosexuality indentified included depression (68.8%), selfblame/
guilt (37.5%), anxiety (31.3%), suicidal ideation (25%) and alienation (25%). Implications and
recommendations at three levels are provided to assist those dealing with homosexual people who are
affected by the conflict.

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