DEVELOPING A CONCEPTUAL MODEL OF GEOMORPHIC CHANGE FOR CHANNEL MANAGEMENT PROPOSES: A CASE OF LANGAT RIVER BASIN (Membangunkan Model Konsep Perubahan Geomorfik Bagi Tujuan Pengurusan Saliran: Kajian Kes di Lembangan Sungai Langat)

Mohd Ekhwan Hj. Toriman


This article examines channel changes using predictive model of geomorphic change in the Langat
River catchment. River geomorphic change resulted from a number of variables control such as
climate, geology, water discharge, sediment influx, the bed and bank characteristics, vegetation covers
and human interference. Three variables found to be satisfied to develop the dynamic model of
geomorphic change in the Langat River catchment namely channel flow regime, channel competence
and catchment sediment production (QMAG, QVAR, SEDO, COMP). These computer-generated of
conceptual model provides the basis forms to which any particular section of Langat River could be
change as demonstrate by flow levels, morphological units and frequency of inundation linkages
model in the selected section of Langat River. The model found to be useful in providing the
information whereby morphology, local and regional hydraulic conditions can be discussed, described
and quantifies. It also can be act as an alternative to river management system to guide planners and
engineers involved in the management of the river or its surrounding corridor.

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