PENGARUH TEKNOLOGI KOMUNIKASI TERHADAP PERUBAHAN KEORGANISASIAN DI JABATAN PENYIARAN MALAYSIA (Effect of Changes in Organizational Communication Technology in the Broadcasting Department of Malaysia)

Wan Idros Wan Sulaiman, Noorzihidayah Md Noor, Ali Salman, Maizatul Haizan Mahbob


The development of communication technology has opened a new chapter in human relations and bring about changes in the organization. Appropriate technologies will affect the execution of tasks to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, this study focuses on the impact of communication technology on organizational change in the Department of Broadcasting, located at Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur as the scope of the study. Task-Technology Fit Theory has been the basis for this study. Quantitative methods via questionnaire was used to obtain feedback in which a total of 230 staff in the Department of Broadcasting Malaysia as respondents. Data collected were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) v.22 for descriptive analysis and inferential analysis involving correlation and regression testing to test the hypothesis that had been forwarded. The results of this study showed that the hypothesis is successfully received by the significant level of <0.01 where communication technology has a strong relationship with the organizational change and next gave effect to the dependent variable at the significant level of <0.05. Accordingly, some suggestions are proposed in order to study in the future to better contribute to the communication and organizational practices.

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