DORONGAN PENEMPATAN DAN KESELESAAN DIRI WARGA TUA DI RUMAH SERI KENANGAN (RSK), TAIPING, PERAK (Push factors towards placement and personal comfort among elderly persons in Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK), Taiping, Perak)

Thamil Chelvi Armugam, Suresh Kumar N Vellymalay


This study explores the push factors that contribute to the placement of elderly persons in Rumah Seri Kenangan Taiping and their satisfaction at this care centre. The sample consists of forty five elderly persons and they were chosen using quota sampling method. Structured interview with a guided questionnaire was used to obtain information from the elderly persons studied. The findings show that nearly 60.0% of the elderly persons are single and the failure of their siblings in taking care of the elderly persons is the main contributor to the placement of the elderly persons at RSK Taiping. This is followed by the failure of their family in taking care of the elderly persons, their health problem, financial constraints and the attitude not wanting to burden their family members. The findings of this study also show that the elderly persons are well adapted and felt satisfied with the facility, caringness, healthcare and food provided compared to the experience they gain before their placement at RSK Taiping.

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