HUBUNGAN ASEAN-SINO: ANTARA ORDER ASIA ATAU DILEMA “CHINA’S RISE” (Sino-Asean Relations: Between Asia Order Or Dilemma "China's Rise")

Azrul Azlan Abdul Rahman, Sharifah Munirah Alatas


In East Asia, few relationships have evolved as much as that between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. While important differences remain, relations have seen a marked improvement over the past decade, especially when compared to the considerable suspicion that once defined their relations. This paper is to examine the ASEAN-China bilateral able to establish cooperation in the context of the political, security and economic in addition to the two sides discussed the strategy in dealing with strategic issues. Hence, to deepen understanding of the subject matter of this study, some aspects of which were also discussed briefly the history of ASEAN, the background of bilateral relations ASEAN-China and China's involvement in multilateral ASEAN. In addition, this paper also analyzes the bilateral relations between both parties.

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