PEMERKASAAN POLISI BELIA DI INDONESIA: PELAKSANAAN DAN IMPAK (Empowerment of Youth Policy in Indonesia: Implementation and Impact)

Sakhyan Asmara, Irfan Ridwan Maksum, Azhar Kasim


This article examines youth empowerment policy in the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) from the perspetives of its implementation and impact.  This article uses Grindle (1980) and Royse (2001) theory as a conceptual framework. This study found several important problems in the Ministry. First, there is a lack of coordination of policy implementation, low level of compliance and responsiveness, the inadequacy of recruitment system, and the inefficiency of managing human resourses.  Although the government managed to realize some of the programs, there are still changes that have yet to achieve the target. Second, the impact is felt only at the individual level, rather than at the small group and at the community levels, resulting in the degree of change and acceptance which has not been able to answer the problem of youth more comprehensively. Ironically, the evaluation process has not been done to get feedback to improve youth empowerment policy.

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