KERJA SOSIAL DI HOSPITAL: MENEROKA PENGABAIAN DALAM KALANGAN PESAKIT WARGA EMAS (Social Work in Hospital: Exploring Negligence among Elderly Patients)

Siti Zaila Husin, Khadijah Alavi


Neglect the elderly is an increasingly serious social problem. This issue is closely related to the phenomenon of the aging population by the 21st century because of increased life expectancy and the elderly population drastically. Thus, the phenomenon indirectly affects care problems as well as cause neglect and abuse, particularly to elderly parents who are experiencing health problems, physical and mental disabilities. Blindness among elderly patients also pose a challenge to the social worker at the hospital due to changing lifestyles and patterns of family structure in modern times now, and lack of support systems for elderly caregivers have implications on the role of social workers in the hospital. Scenario neglect elderly patients concluded that the need for early intervention role of the social worker at the hospital to prevent an increase in blindness in the future. The discussion of this scenario is also based on a content analysis of journal articles and scientific books related to issues of neglect and needs of social work services in the field of health than previous studies.

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