Rosfazila Abd. Rahman, Abdul Razif Zaini, Muhammad Haron Husaini, Khairil Ashraf Elias


Text is an important element in learning languages. It acts as an agent to provide information that supports the development language skills of a person. To enable a text is optimally served, aspects of readability need to be focused before it is presented to the target group. For this purpose, cloze test is a mechanism that could ease teachers or curricular advisor in determining the level of text readability and its suitability. Cloze test is identified to have high levels of validity and reliability, especially for the stated purpose.  Thus, this study was conducted to explore the use of the cloze test as an instrument in determining the applicability of an Arabic text and to identify important elements in designing the cloze test. The result found that the Arabic Text Readability Measurement System as an alternative for conventional text readability test.

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