Mohd Nur Najmi Nuji, Wan Idros Wan Sulaiman


Excellence of public relations is all about image, reputation and quality of services provided to stakeholders. The practice of public relations excellence is best viewed as a crucial element for the success of the organization on an ongoing basis. Excellent work performance depends on the practice of public relations excellence among employees of the organization. This study focuses on the relationship between excellences of public relations with job performance among employees in public sector at Putrajaya. In this context, the study focused on public sector organizations on four aspects of excellence of public relations. First, strategic management, integration, participation and employee relations are based on the theory of Excellence of Public Relations by James E. Grunig (1992). A pilot study was conducted and the Cronbach Alpha value was at 0.909. Subsequently, the real research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 176 respondents from the public sector in Putrajaya. Data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) version 22. Pearson Correlation was used to analyze the data and the results showed that the five hypotheses were accepted and this shows that public relations excellence variables in this study has a positive relationship with job performance. The overall relationships of two variables are at a moderate level. It is hoped that with the information obtained from the results of this study, the practice of public relations excellence can be implemented on an ongoing basis to enhance performance.

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