Gerakan Penentangan Pemindahan MCAS Futenma ke Henoko di Okinawa, Jepun Oleh All Okinawa Council (The Opposition Movement of The Transformation of MCAS Futenma To Henoko In Okinawa, Japan By All Okinawa Council)

Asmadi Hassan, Rohayati Paidi


This article is to discuss the All Okinawa Council (Shimagurumi Kaigi:AOC), a pressure group with members comprising of local citizens, trade unions, political parties, business organizations, women and youth as well as various civilian groups in Okinawa. The local group based in Okinawa was establised to oppose the transformation of US military base, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma (MCAS Futenma) located in Ginowan to Henoko, two cities in the prefecture. The group demanded the military base to be moved out of Okinawa instead of Henoko. How does this group achieve their goals? This article discusses the ways taken to achieve their goal. This research adopted qualitative method through document analysis such as reports, newspapers dan websites. This article found that the AOC has been disseminating the injustice issues on Okinawa citizens to locally and internationally. This was through demonstrations, petitions, legislations, overseas visits and more. The effect of this activities were to delay the construction of the military base and it is hoped that eventually the MCAS Futenma would be removed from Okinawa.

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