Impak Perjanjian Asas Hubungan Perdagangan dan Ekonomi Malaysia dan Indonesia dalam Kerjasama Ekonomi dari Tahun 1967 hingga 1976

Mohamad Akmal Ibrahim


During the confrontation era between Malaysia and Indonesia, President Sukarno had carried out political and economic confrontations against Malaysia. This situation has caused economic activity between Malaysia and Indonesia to stop especially in the trading sector. The effect of economic confrontation, Malaysia and Indonesia’s trade declined as Indonesia stopped exporting raw materials such as rubber and tin to Penang to be processed. Likewise, Indonesia too had to pay high costs to export tin and rubber to Europe. After the fall of President Sukarno, the emergence of a new order under President Suharto’s era. President Suharto has re-established the diplomatic and economic cooperation between Malaysia and Indonesia through the Basic Arrangement on Trade and Economic Relations Malaysia and Indonesia in 1967. The study will examine the impact of the Economic and Trade Relations Basic Arrangement in Malaysia and Indonesia on the economic cooperation of Malaysia and Indonesia in trade. The study found that the Basic Arrangement on Trade and Economic Relations Malaysia and Indonesia was an era of more active economic recovery. Many areas of cooperation in the economy are renewed by the two countries especially in dealing with economic issues related to smuggling of goods, fishery issues and marine delineation, and land and sea trade cooperation which are the basic relationships of the Malaysian and Indonesian economy.

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