Operasi Pasukan F dalam Pembanterasan Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) di Semenanjung Malaysia 1971-1989 (F Team Operation In The Deportation of The Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) In Peninsular Malaysia In 1971-1989)

Roslan Muhamad, Ishak Saat


This article is regarding the existence and operations of the Secret Team from the Special Branch Unit of the Malaysian Royal Police Force (PDRM) which is the E3F Team also known as Team F in the mission to exterminate the Communist Terrorist during the rise of the PKM during 1968-1989 in Peninsular Malaysia. The failure of the armed rebellion during the emergency of 1948-1960 provided the opportunity for PKM to rise for the second time. Because of this, the national security especially the F Team from the Malaysian Royal Police Force (PDRM) devised and planned an organised strategy filled with tactical deceptions in the efforts to permanently terminate PKM. The skills and intensity of the F Team in disabling the Communist Terrorist was conducted in secret operations. Due to the high levels of confidentiality, the existence of the F Team has never been exposed to the public either in fictional form or in publication. The confidentiality of the team is for the purpose of safety and security. Therefore due to the reasons that the existence of this team had never been publicized, this research is conducted by using a research instrument such as interviews with the individuals involved first hand in the operations that had been conducted. The results of this research indicated that the greatness and skills of the F Team in asserting tactical warfare towards the purpose of terminating the Communist has led them to armistice and surrender. This pioneered the Hat Yai Peace Accord in 2nd December 1989.

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