Pentadbiran Naning Sebelum 1832 (Administration In Naning Before 1832)

Siti Maisarah Bakar, Zulkanain Abdul Rahman


Luak Naning was a state with an absolute power led by a headman or Penghulu before being under the sway of British on 15 June 1832. Portuguese and Dutch were indeed the two European powers which previously invaded Luak Naning prior to the British. Naning was the only state in Malaya that led by the headman who was then assisted by Chieftain of Four Tribes or Pembesar Empat Suku. This article focuses on the survival of the traditional form of government, even though Naning was dominated by the Portuguese and Dutch. The traditional form of government in Naning, which was based on the Customary Law of Adat Perpatih was said to be systematic, organised and able to create harmony and unity among local communities; however, the British later amended it in 1832. The discussion of this article will anchor to the election of Penghulu Dato’ Naning, organisation powers, distributions of powers, and power of local leaders in Naning.

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