Artikulasi Isu-isu Sejarah dalam Media Massa di Malaysia

Lee Kuok Tiung, Mohd Safar Hashim


his study aims to describe mediascape development in Malaysia and articulation of history issues in Malaysian mass media through in-depth interviews with media practitioners. Generally, Malaysia mediascape has changed from the early introduction of the press during the British colonial era until the recently emergence of internet. Media play different significant roles for society over time. The earliest role was the efforts to create nationalism awareness and mobilize efforts to push for independence. Malaysian mass media have made tremendous efforts in recent decades to highlight historical events in media content to promote tolerance and unity among Malaysian multiracial society. The media have also showed consistent compromise with government policies in producing content that is appropriate with eastern values and national aspiration to create a liberal democratic society by 2020. Numerous programs were produced with the aim of promoting Malaysia history such as ‘Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah’ besides inserting historical events serving as background to media contents which promote peace and harmony in multi ethnic society. The emergence of internet search engine has provided opportunities for those interested with history access to more information. Meanwhile, social media has served as platform for public discourse and exchange of thoughts in Malaysian media.

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