Elements Of Security For A Gated And Guarded Community In The Context Of Smart Living

Zurinah Tahir, Jalaluddin Abdul Malek


Various elements of security are requisite for crime prevention in gated housing communities. To establish a sustainable secure housing area in the context of the Smart City, initial planning needs to take into consideration both the physical security and social wellbeing of the community. In this paper, the development of a gated housing community in a guarded neighbourhood is taken as a ‘best practice’ example of an urban setting where residents experience a level of security in keeping with the precepts of Smart Living. Various issues arise frequently in the development of gated communities and guarded neighbourhoods; these may involve guardhouses, the design and height of fences, physical barriers and security needs. Many gated and guarded community housing developments have yet to adhere fully to the basic principles of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) in their planning of physical security. This article seeks to identify the principal measures in crime prevention in relation to housing development in the context of the Smart City while adhering to the elements of CPTED for Smart Living. The broad adoption of CPTED strategies in planning sustainable housing and surroundings are aimed at providing better quality of living in the Smart City.

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