Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim


Discussions related to istihalah not only limited to the question related to food and drink, but it also involves issues related to hygiene or Taharah in Islam. However, issues related to food and drink was a major discussion when scholars discussing about istihalah. It becomes even more relevant today as the advancement of science and technology has greatly changed the shape of the original production of good food as biotechnolgy food, or the shape of mixing various ingredients to create a meal like baking that requires mixing the contents such as flour, butter, eggs and so on. The main issue related to food and beverage industry is happening at present is related to the material resulting from the mixing of halal and haram ingredients. The objective of this study is to examine in what category istihalah can be concluded, either istihalah sahihah or istihalah fasidah and impacts on food that have been through istihalah process and its status when changes occur in the nature, taste, smell, color, physical, and chemical. Numerous opinions from a lot of feqh scholars were taken and examined to dismantle this problem. This study explored using qualitative methods by gathering the resources from al-Qur'an and hadith and views of Islamic scholars from the reading of scholarly sources like feqh books, food science books, websites and other resources related. The study found that the istihalah is permissible in Islam if it is istihalah Sahihah. In order to set the permissibility or halal food products is not an easy task, it should be examined and taken into account of number of other elements to determine the Halal status by making a detailed and carefully study. This study is relevant because it helps the Halal Hub Division Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) in determining the status of the food that has been through istihalah process.

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