Kesejahteraan Pengkultur Rumpai Laut di Pulau Kerindingan, Semporna, Sabah: Satu Kajian Komprehesif.

Balan Rathakrishnan, Bonaventure Boniface, Norazemah Abdul Salleh, Siti Kalsom Yulo


The purpose of this research is to cover the differences of well-being from the aspect of education level, age and income of seaweed planters.  This study also examines the level of well-being in five domains such as subjective, mental, social, spiritual and physical of seaweed planters at Pulau Kerindingan, Semporna. A total of 43 planters has taken part in this survey and one-to one interview. This research, using mixed method analysis. For the survey part with questionnaires, Well-being Assessment consists of subjective, mental, social, spiritual and physical has been used to assess the wellbeing. For the interview part, respondent was asked for the overall feeling on the well-being. The study found that the wellbeing of seaweed planter is in high level in subjective, mental, social. Meanwhile, the spiritual is in moderate level and physical with low level. This study also shows there are significant differences in wellbeing from aspect of education level, age and income. This finding could help the government in making policy to help the seaweed planters from Pulau Kerindingan, Semporna to improve their overall wellbeing.  

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