The Role of Cultural Values, Personality Disposition and Attitudes in Influencing Psychological Contract Violation and Citizenship Behaviours

Rasidah Arshad, Paul Sparow


This study assesses the impact of downsizing on psychological contract violation and organisation citizenship behaviours. It examines the role of five antecedents in explaining these outcomes: cultural value orientation, negative affectivity, perceived justice, attitudes to downsizing and perceived employability. Subjects were surveyed at two different points in time: one monthand nine months after the downsizing was implemented. Data were collected from 281 employees who responded both at Time 1 and Time 2. Correlational analysis and structural equation modeling were used toexamine a causal model that negative affectivity and cultural; value orientations predict survivors' psychological contract violation; and psychological contarct violation predicts organisational citizenship behaviour. The model is supported in the main with the important in the main with the important finding that cultura;l value orientations are not significant predictors and indeed their effect can be explained by the individual predisposition of negative affectivity. The implications for cross-cultural study of phenomena such as downsizing are discussed.


Kajian ini menilai kesan pengecilan syarikat terhadap pencabulan kontrak psikologi dan kelakuan kerakyatan organisasi. Ia melihat keadaan lima antesedan yang menerangkan kedua-dua angkubah tersebut: orientasi nilai budaya , "negative affectivity, " sikap terhadap pengecilan syarikat, dan tanggapan kebolehgajian. Soalselidik dijalankan dalam dua fasa: sebulan dan sembilan seplepas pengecilan syarikat dilaksanakan. Data dikumpulkan daripada 281 pekerja yang memberi respon kepada kedua-dua fasa soal selidik. Korelasi dab "structural equation modeling" digunakan untuk menganalisa model yang mencadangkan bahawa "negative affectivity"dan orientasi nilai budaya meramal persepsi keadilan, sikap terhadap pengecilan syarikat dan tanggapan kebolehgajian; persepsi keadilan, sikap terhadap pengecilab syarikat dan tanggaoan kebolehgajian meramal pencabulan kontrak psikologi; dan akhirnya pencabulan kontrak psikologi meramal kelakuan kerakyatan organisasi. Model disokong dengan dapatan utama menerangkan bahawa orientasi nilai budaya bukan peramal signifikan, dan kesannya boleh diterangkan oleh "negative affectivity.". Perbincangan menekankan kepada implikasi fenomena penyecilan syarikat terhadap kajian silangbudaya.

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