Gender Balance Management: The Case of Malaysia

Sieh Lee Mei Ling, Ong Fon Sim


The relationship between gender balance in management and organisational performance was examined by asking if a more gender balanced management team would result in better performance or higher productivity. Findings indicated that there were fewer women managers than men in managerial positions. When compared to their male counterparts, women managers tend to be more meticulous, careful, patient and  cooperative.



Hubungan di antara imbangan jantina dalam pengurusan dengan prestasi organisasi telah diselidiki. Di antara penemuan-penemuan yang diperolehi ialah terdapat ramai kaum wanita dalam jawatan-jawatan pengurusan berbanding lelaki setaraf dengannya, pengurus-pengurus perempuan didapati lebih teliti, berhati-hati, sabar dan kerjasama.

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