To Buy or Not to Buy? Consumers’ attitudes and Purchase Behavior for Organic Food in Malaysia

Tai Lit Cheng, Yeong Wai Mun, Malathi Nair Narayana Nair, Sia Bee Chuan



Organic products demand is increasing due to the awareness of the health benefits and nutritional values attached to these produces. However, in Malaysia, the organic industry is relatively small with more than 60% of the organic products being imported from overseas. Given the importance of this niche sector to the agriculture sector, marketers should understand how the consumers make decisions towards organic products. This study investigated the Malaysian organic purchasers on what affects them in their buying intention. The study uses a non-probability volunteer sampling method of 455 respondents using Structural Equation Modeling- Analysis of Moment Structures (SEM-AMOS). Results showed that health consciousness and animal welfare affects purchasing behavior directly and positively. Health consciousness, taste and food safety indirectly affect purchasing behavior while animal welfare does not have the indirect effect. This study seeks to assist organic product marketer in the development of effective marketing strategies for further increase of organic product consumption.

Keywords: Purchasing behavior; health conscious; better taste; animal welfare; food safety; attitude


Permintaan produk organik semakin meningkat demi kesedaran pengguna terhadap faedah kesihatan dan kandungan nilai pemakanan dalam produk orgnik. Namun begitu, di Malaysia, saiz industri organik agak kecil di mana 60% produk organic masih diimport dari luar negara. Memandangkan kepentingan sektor pertanian organik ini, pemasar haruslah memahami bagaimana pengguna membuat keputusan terhadap pembelian produk organik. Kajian ini memerhatikan pembeli organik Malaysia mengenai kelakuan mereka dalam pembelian produk organik. Kajian ini menggunakan kaedah “nonprobability sampling” yang terdiri daripada 455 responden dengan menggunakan Structural Equation Modeling- Analysis of Moment Structures (SEM-AMOS). Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahawa kesedaran kesihatan dan kebajikan haiwan akan mempengaruhi pembelian produk organic secara langsung dan positif. Kesedaran kesihatan, rasa dan keselamatan makanan akan mempengaruhi tingkah laku pembelian tidak langsung manakala kebajikan haiwan tiada kesan tidak langsung. Kajian ini bertujuan untuk membantu pemasar produk organik dari segi pemasaran supaya terdapat peningkatan dalam penggunaan produk organic di kalangan pengguna..

Kata kunci: Kelakuan pembelian; kesedaran kesihatan; kebajikan haiwan; sekuritti makanan; sikap


Purchasing behavior; Health conscious; Better taste; Animal welfare; Food safety; Attitude

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