Did RSPO Overlook the Unwelcome Thoughts Amongst Growers and Millers?

Lee Kim Huat, Julian Paul Sidin, Stephen Liason Sondoh Jr.



This study examined the relationship between knowledge, past experience and personal value of growers and millers intention to adopt the RSPO. This study applied the theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) to test the proposed relationship. This research applies a quantitative approach that uses a cross-sectional questionnaire survey in order to test the proposed hypotheses. A total of 122 palm oil companies in Sabah, Malaysia were identified and collected data were analysed using the partial least squares and structural equation modelling. The findings of this study confirmed the Theory of Planned Behaviour as a great predictor of behavioural intention. In addition, knowledge, past experience and personal value were also found to have significant relationship and this resulted into the conclusion that knowledge, past experience and personal value positively influence the attitude amongst growers and millers towards RSPO. The result of this study has proven that the TPB model is a valuable, practical and has a high potential to predict human behavioural intention.

Keywords: Sustainability; business; management; environmental management; RSPO; sustainable agriculture


Kajian ini bertujuan untuk meneliti hubungkait pengetahuan, nilai peribadi dan pengalaman lepas pengurus ladang dan kilang di dalam gunapakai RSPO. Kajian ini mengaplikasikan Teori TPB untuk mengukur hubungkait yang dicadangkan. Kajian ini menggunakan pendekatan kuantitatif yang melibatkan borang soal selidik di dalam mengkaji semua hipotesis. Sejumlah 122 syarikat di dalam industri kelapa sawit di Sabah telah dikenalpasti sebagai sampel untuk kajian ini. Kajian ini menggunakan PLS and SEM sebagai alat untuk menguji hubungkait yang dicadangkan. Kajian ini mendapati kesemua pembolehubah luaran adalah signifikan terhadap hubungkait yang dicadangkan dan memberikan kesimpulan bahawa pengetahuan, pengalaman lepas dan nilai peribadi mempunyai hubungan dan kesan positif terhadap sikap di dalam gunapakai RSPO. Hasil kajian ini menunjukkan bahawa Teori TPB merupakan satu teori yang kukuh dan sesuai di dalam meramal niat kelakuan manusia.

Kata kunci: Kelestarian; perniagaan; pengurusan; pengurusan persekitaran; RSPO, pertanian kelestarian


Sustainability, Business, Management, Environmental Management, RSPO, Sustainable Agriculture

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