Paras Selenium, Zink dan Kromium dalam Kalangan Pesawah yang Terdedah Pestisid di MADA, Perlis dan Komuniti Nelayan di Mersing, Johor

Ismarulyusda Ishak, Hidayatulfathi Othman, Nihayah Mohammad, Syarif Husin Lubis, Zariyantey Abdul Hamid, Nur Zakiah Mohd Saat, Mohd Jamil Rafaei, Ahmad Rohi Ghazali, Asmah Hamid, Siti Nadia Mohd Izam, Nooraisyah Mansoor, Marliana Samsir, Nurfariha Firdaus, Abd Rahim Salleh, Robiah Lazim


Pesticide exposure can lead to low trace elements levels in human body. Trace element plays important role in body metabolism. The aim of this study was to study the levels of selenium, zinc and chromium among paddy farmers who expose to pesticide in Wilayah I, MADA, Perlis. This cross sectional study involved 70 males paddy farmers and 57subjects living in fisherman village as control group who were aged between 21 to 80 years old. Subjects were interviewed to obtain information on their demographic data by using validated questionnaire. Subjects also were examined for their blood pressure and glucose level. Selenium, zinc and chromium levels were analyzed by using acid digestion method and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). Results showed that selenium levels in hairs (5.11 ± 17.05 μg/L) and nails (4.92 ± 2.17 μg/L) were significantly (p < 0.05) lower compared to selenium levels in hairs (15.67 ± 10.59 μg/L) and nails (6.67 ± 2.81 μg/L) in control group. Chromium levels in hairs (31.83 ± 15.17 μg/L) and nails (87.64 ± 23.30 μg/L) were also significantly lower (p < 0.05) compared to chromium levels in hairs (85.19 ± 56.90 μg/L) and nails (99.36 ± 56.89 μg/L) of control group. However there were no significant different (p>0.05) between all trace element levels and duration of pesticide exposures. In conclusion, levels of trace elements were lower in nails and hairs of paddy farmers than fisherman community group.



Chromium; hair; nail; paddy farmers; pesticide; selenium; zinc

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