Reaksi British Terhadap Pertikaian Konsul Amerika Syarikat dan Johor, 1870-1905 (British Reaction To The Us Consulate and Johore Dispute, 1870-1905)

Muhammad Naim Fakhirin, Zulkanain Abdul Rahman, Fatimi Hanafi


This article aims to examine the claim made by the US Consulate Officer in Singapore, Adolph G. Studer against Maharaja Abu Bakar regarding the issue of land concessions in Muar during the period 1870-1905. This dispute became more serious after the case was registered in the Washington Court on August 21, 1894. Studer’s claim began after Maharaja Abu Bakar revoked the right to hold this land concession. He did not recognize the concession because Studer only consulted with Sultan Ali, the ruler of Muar without consulting with him first. The British administration in the Straits Settlements saw that this situation would not only threaten their economic activities, but would also open the door to other foreign powers if this was not resolved. In an effort to resolve this matter, the British played an important role and put forward proposals so that this dispute could be resolved as soon as possible. To look at the situation, this article will discuss two important things namely what Studer demanded of Maharaja Abu Bakar and the actions taken by the British in an effort to resolve this dispute.

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