Pengaruh Aktor Campur Tangan Halus dalam PRU-14 (The Influence of Soft-Intervention Actors In GE-14)

Mohammad Agus Yusoff, Muhammad Mashril Abdul Jalil


Malaysia was ruled by Barisan Nasional (BN) without interuption for 61 years since its inception as an independent nation in 1957. BN’s unmatched record as the world’s longest-serving ruling party was due to its mastery in controlling opposition and people’s confidence by ensuring political stability and maintaining economic prosperity. However, this was not the case in GE-14 when the electorate rejected BN. Thus, this article aims to assess factors of the loss of BN in the election. Scholars held the opinion that it was caused by 1MDB scandal, GST (goods and services tax) issue, corruption, rising cost of living and abuse of power. In addition, this article argues the influence of soft-intervention actors is also the other factor which led to the defeat of BN. Soft-intervention refers to the intervention of the academics, professionals, cartoonists, and civil societies which spread the idea of democracy that created awareness and the need to bring change to the country. The data used in this article was obtained from secondary sources such as books and newspapers which was then analyzed qualitatively. This article contends soft-intervention in Malaysia has commenced since 1998 Reformasi, but failed to bring significant change because of repressive action taken by the government which then weakened the soft-intervention actors. The subsequent years of persistent effort in highlighting BN’s weakness and framing the ruling party as a kleptocratic government was finally paid off in GE-14. Therefore, in its final analysis, this article argues the role of the soft-intervention actors was significant in changing the political landscape of Malaysia in GE-14.

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