Agenda Imperialis dalam Krisis Pentadbiran Kolonial di Negeri-Negeri Melayu Bersekutu, 1921-1925 (Imperialist Agenda In The Crisis of Colonial Administration In Federated Malay States, 1921-1925)

Mohd Shazwan Mokhtar


This article examine the hidden British imperial policy in the Federated Malay States’s (FMS) colonial administration crisis during Laurence Guillemard in High Commissioner Office and George Maxwell as Chief Secretary to the Government of FMS. The economic slump after World War I promted the British to focus on imperial federation agenda in carrying out colonial development. The implementation of this agenda caused a crisis in FMS’s colonial administration after Maxwell and the Federal Council’s (FC) Unofficial Members insecure with Guillemard’s efforts to unified the FMS administration with Unfederated Malay States (UMS) and Straits Settlement (SS). This led to the crisis in deciding the head of FMS Government and the crisis of abolition of Chief Secretary position. This crisis continued when the Colonial Office tend to favour Guillemard in most of the disputes expressed by Maxwell. Thus, this research conducted  through history research methodology by examining the colonial administration’s records and documents at the Malaysia National Archives and The National Archives, London. The findings show that the favourable support from the Colonial Office to Guillemard was due to the fact that his colonial administration policy was in line with British policies for the colonies.

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