Reaksi China Terhadap Strategi Pivot Atau Keseimbangan Semula Amerika Syarikat Ke Rantau Asia (China’s View On The United States Pivot Or Rebalancing Strategy Towards Asia)

Hisham Kamal Othman Kamal, Nor Azizan Idris


The United States assertion to reengage the Asian region through its pivot or rebalancing strategy had created a sense of apprehension amongst Chinese experts. This strategy was formed for the U.S. to face regional challenges particularly on confronting China’s rise besides receiving broad support from its allies while safeguarding its continuous presence and regional leadership. This article discusses on several grave perspectives from the eyes of Chinese experts on the U.S. rebalancing strategy to Asia. The U.S. regional strategic focus is a significant component under Obama’s administration towards its security and political policy. This new strategy is influenced by two key dynamics that has the potential to shift the global power to Asia such as the incredible regional economic growth and the challenges that affect U.S. dominance in the current order. The rebalancing strategy represents the U.S. riposte to the region and is comprehended as Obama’s stern determination in shaping their foreign policy. Similarly, this strategy intensified the Sino-U.S. strategic relationship and eventually shaped the regional landscape. This analysis concedes three main arguments such as to what extent have the Chinese experts led the analysis towards the U.S. rebalancing strategy; the notions from the strategy that influenced Chinese leadership; and whether these critical interpretations and assessments content to the realist paradigm. In short, this article includes several policy debates and academic assessments on the rebalancing strategy to Asia. Likewise, the article also accentuates on certain analysis from the Chinese perspectives on the strategy that has heightened the sense of insecurity among Chinese elites and citizens. Consequently, the strategy had raised the security dilemma between the two countries.

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