[ms] Involvement of Youth in Horoscope and Its Impact on Faith

Aishah P Othman, Latifah Abdul Majid Abdul Majid


This article describes the horoscope, which is one branch of beliefs involving prediction and fortune-looking based on
star which became a phenomenon in the life of society nowadays. This belief that has existed since the time of Prophet
Ibrahim AS continues to grow and remains to the day. The main objective of this study is to identify the factor or factors
that leading the students to involve in the horoscope. In fact, the study is intended to provide awareness to the Muslim
community to be more aware of and sensitive to this activity that seems normal but is able to undermine and demolish
faith institutions. Result shows that the mass media is the main factor in students’ involvement in their horoscope and it
assumes the horoscope is for entertainment only, unaware of the consequences that would damage the faith.


Horoscopes; youth; faith; participation of factors; Muslim

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