[ms] Methodology of Dakwah to Non-Muslim Parents Based on Story of Prophet Ibrahim AS

Muhd. Najib Abdul Kadir, Mabruri Mohammad Sai, Latifah Abdul Majid


The method of dakwah to the matured people definitely is not similar to the youngster. Especially, if the man or woman
coming from related or family ancestors. The article discusses the method used by the messenger of Ibrahim toward his
father (Azar). The reason for the selection of this story because in the Quran, Allah has made commendation for Ibrahim
as a messenger in moral aspects. One of these commendations is about his relationship with his father who was known
in history as unbeliever until his last life. The purpose of this research is to investigate his method towards his father as
mentioned in the Quran. In the interest of validity and reliability of data, the study therefore uses document analysis.


Methodology of dakwah; non-Muslims; matured people; parents

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