[ms] The Practice of Islamic Teachings among the Student of Ungku Omar Polytechnic, Ipoh

Seri Kartini Jurami, Fariza Md Sham



Islamic education is not only to provide knowledge of Islam but also builds personal and student behavior in daily life. As the course is compulsory for all students at the Polytechnic, Ipoh (PUO), the implementation of these courses need to be evaluated so that it is achieving its objectives. Therefore, the practice of Islam among students in PUO should be reviewed for its relevance to the implementation of Islamic education courses at these institutions. The purpose of this study is to examine the practice of Islam among respondents in terms of faith, worship and moral development of students in the PUO. The methodology used was a field study using three methods of data collection. First, survey forms involved 100 respondents of Muslim students in second semester from Civil Engineering Department of PUO. Second, interviews involving six Islamic education lecturer in PUO and third observation by the researcher. The data obtained from questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS and results were described using descriptive statistics. Cronbach Alpha Reliability of value for the entire questionnaire items is high, 0923. The study found the practice of Islam among the respondents in all aspects of faith = 100.0 percent, 94.0 percent of religious and moral = 96.0 percent that stood at a high level. As a conclusion, this study shows that the practice of Islam among students in PUO is good.


Practice; student; Polytechnic of Ungku Omar; faith, moral

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