[ms] The Genesis of Miskawayh’s Tajribah in the Tajarib al-Umam

Azmul Fahimi Kamaruzaman


This writing discusses the genesis of Miskawayh’s Tajribah (experience) that prevails in the historiography of Tajarib al-Umam. For that purpose, this article applies the conceptual content analysis method. It focuses on establishing the genesis of Tajribah by interpreting its epistemology in accordance with an etymological title of Tajarib al-Umam. The interpretation involves three fundamental principles that underline an equal understanding pattern of the Tajribah, namely Khibrah (expertise), Mulahazah (observation) and Zahirah phenomenon). The interpretation is also related to the principal of Miskawayh’s history in the Muqaddimah of Tajarib al-Umam.


Miskawayh’s historiography; and philosophy of history; Tajarib al-Umam; Tajribah

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