Slum Women And Their Socio-Economic Characteristics: A Study In Dhaka City

Md. Abdullah Al Helal, Sharmin Islam, Md. Mahbubur Rahman


An estimated 3.4 million people live in the overcrowded slums of Dhaka. Among them a handsome amount of population is women. These slum women are considered as poorest of the poor. Because their household activities are not recognized as productive ones. Study shows that, they have limited access to urban facilities such as water, gas, electricity and sanitation. Apart from these, they are living in unhygienic environment and facing a lot of challenges in slum life. The study was conducted on 150 women living in 10 slums of Dhaka city out of 4500 based on survey method. Besides, the study also suggests some solutions to improve the overall situation of slum women. 

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