EFFECTIVE CLIMATIC FACTORS IN MOUNTAINOUS REGIONS OF IRAN FOR URBAN PLANNING: A CASE STUDY IN RUDBAR QASRAN IN THE CENTRAL ALBORZ (Faktor Efektif Cuaca di Wilayah Pergunungan Iran Bagi Tujuan Pengurusan Bandar. Kajian Kes di Rudbar Qasran, Tengah Alborz)

Saeid Kamyabi, Shadi Farahani


Natural features of a place are considered as a bed for creation and extension of habitat, recognition of
living system capabilities will be helpful as a guideline in future planning and elimination of limits
and obstacles. The region of our study is situated on the high level of central Alborz. This region is
extended from 51˚, 225' to 51˚, 43' in eastern wing of Greenwich Meridian and also 35˚, 47' to 36˚ in
the north of equator. Above position includes special climate because of height effect, some of its
features are semi mild summers and cold winters and also its variation slope is lower than 1 degree.
However Jajorod and Ahar valleys have a great effect on region's ecology but this region is a
combined area of mountain and valley. So, height differences affect on temperature variation and
slope effects are quite obvious in this region. Besides Jajorod river, earth slope is various from 5 to
51% and a town, Darkia, around this complexity. Generally Geographical directions related to warm
and cold slopes ,extended in all four main direction(south, west, east and north), can influence on
town construction. This study presents the initial ecological studies in this field, moreover, people are
more sensitive in weather changes and ecology situation, so the more we inform about these effects,
the better we can manage daily activities. This research attempts to identify the role and impact of
natural environmental factors, particularly climatic elements such as effective temperature, rainfall
and topography on the physical development , physical cities, particularly cities in the region like
Rudbar, Qasran, Oshan and Fasham. In this article, analytical methods, field and library have been
used and the results show the most important factors which affect normal physical development such
as temperature, ice, rainfall and topography.

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