Neesa Ameera Mohamed Salim, Mohd Yusof Abdullah, Mohd Nor Shahizan Ali


Advertisement is a strategic marketing tool employed by the manufacturers and service industries, retailers, government and organizations to promote their products and services. It contains information designed in many forms combining text, visual, sound or motion with the aim to persuade the public. With the availability of new communication technologies in this 21st century, today’s advertisements are more savvy and sophisticated. Nevertheless, the old and simple form of advertisement known as fly posting is still popular and used by individuals and small entrepreneurs. The two principal aims of this article are to discuss the significant role of fly posting in the society today and evaluation on the medium as an informative source or a public nuisance. The discussion is based on systematic review of past literature and observation on fly posting posted in Klang Valley, Malaysia as to provide a unique insight of the real-world setting. Based on observation, it was found that fly posting. The study concludes by revealing that fly posting is an informative advertising medium, however, the pattern of exposure also sets up the conditions as a public nuisance in Malaysia.

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