Bioinformatics Tools @ NBBNet: Online Infrastructure for the Management and Analysis of Biological Data

Mohd Firdaus Raih, Mohd. Yunus Sharum, Ahmad Fuad Hilmi Muhammad, Hafiza Aida Ahmad, Raja Murzaferi Raja Moktar, Mohd Noor Mat Isa, Nor Muhammad Mahadi, Rahmah Mohamed


The use of informatics tools for the management and analysis of sequences for nucleic acids and proteins has resulted better throughout capability of wet lab research work to infer biological data to functional biological information. The field of computational biological information management and analysis is generally known as bioinformatics. We discuss some tools and processes which have been developed or integrated into a data management and information presentation pipeline by the Malaysian National Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Network. Central to this is the Bioinformatics Tools @ NBBnet online infrastructure system. This infrastructure system utilizes grid computing technology. In addition, the deployment of niche databases and database shells for research applying specific datasets such as a particular protein function, protein family or genomes have been discussed.


Bioinformatics; meta-server; niche datasets; web infrastructure; grid computing

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