Call for papers - Vol.9, No. 1 (2020) April

You are cordially invited to submit or recommend an article to the Asia-Pacific Journal of Information Technology and Multimedia (e-ISSN: 2289-2192), a peer reviewed and open access academic journal, which is published by the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press.


The foci of APJITM are to endorse and encourage the scholarly research among academics, scientists, scholars and students from around the world. This journal will select papers for publications throughout meticulous peer-review with a systematic assessment procedure for expeditious publications.


Researchers around the world have full access to all the published articles, and can freely download them without any subscription fee. An open access article is more likely to be used and cited than one behind subscription barriers or traditional publishing mode.


APJITM is pleased to welcome and receive eminence-quality and refereed papers and articles in the following areas:


  • Cyber Security and Digital Forensic

Cyber Ethics & Law; Information Security Management; Network Security & Technology


  • Data Mining and Optimization

Data Mining Theory & Application; Time Tabling & Scheduling; Meta Heuristic Methods


  • Industrial Informatics

Computer Algebra; Computer Aided Design; Industrial Modeling; Industrial Robotic Programming; Manufacturing Resource Planning; Mathematical Modeling & Simulations; Numerical and Parallel Algorithm; Industrial Quality Assurance Technology; Quantum Information Science; Robotic Technology; Visualization & Industrial Automation; Cluster, Grid & Cloud Computing


  • Information Management and Policy

Knowledge Management; Knowledge Sharing; Records and Information Management; Information Policy; IT Policy; Information Architecture


  • IT and Society

Digital Divide; e-Commerce; e-Government; k-Society; Green Computing; IT Strategic Planning


  • Knowledge Technology

Digital Library; Information & Knowledge Extraction; Knowledge Representation; Natural Language Processing; Ontology; Semantic Technology; Information Retrieval


  • Multimedia and Usability

Digital Game & Entertainment; E-Learning Technology; Human-Computer Interaction; Multimedia Application; Usability & Accessibility; Multimedia Information Retrieval


  • Pattern Recognition

Image, Speech, Video & Document Processing, Analysis and Recognition; Expert System & Machine Learning; Pattern Analysis & Intelligent Robotics; Computer & Machine Vision Systems; Application of Pattern Analysis;


  • Network Communication and Technology

Wireless Communication Network; Network Protocols; Network Services; Network Applications; Network Operation and Management; Network Design and Performance Evaluation; Network Simulation and Modeling, Mobile Computing


  • Software Engineering and Technology

Requirements Engineering; Software Engineering Education; Software Methods & Tools; Software Quality & Management; Software Testing & Verification; Agent, Distributed & Platform Technology


  • Strategic Information Systems

Business Process Management; Database; Geographic Information System; Information Systems Audit; Information Systems Management and Evaluation; Service Science & Management


  • Visual Informatics

Visualization & Simulation; 3D Graphics & Virtual Environment


All authors are invited to have your work considered for sharing digitally in our journal. Publication connects your paper with vast community of researchers who specialize or who are interested in your specific field of study.