Business Strategies and Competitive Advantage Factors in the Electronics Industry in Malaysia

Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid


This paper examines the relationship between business (generic) strategies and the competitive advantage factors of firms in the electronics industry. The paper also investigates the extent of influence of generic strategies on the competitive advantage factors. A structured questionnaire was developed and administered to the chief executive officers (CEO) of the firms in the electronics industry in Malaysia. Based on 85 useable responses, the data were analysed using factor analysis (principal component solution), and subsequently the K-Means cluster analysis. The findings of the study showed that there is a positive relationship between each of the generic strategies and the competitive advantage factors. This implies that firms had a variety of sources in order to gain or sustain their competitive advantage positions in the industry. The results of MANOVA indicate the xtent of influence of the generic strategies and competitive advantage factors. The implications of the findings are also discussed.

Kertas ini mengkaji perkaitan di antara strategi perniagaan (generik) dengan faktor-faktor kelebihan dayasaing bagi syarikat-syarikat dalam industri elektronik di Malaysia. Kertas ini juga meneliti sejauh mana strategi-strategi generik mempengaruhi faktor-faktor kelebihan dayasaing. Satu soalselidik telah dibentuk dan dilaksanakan terhadap ketua-ketua eksekutif di dalam industri elektronik di Malaysia. Berdasarkan 85 respon yang boleh dipakai, data ini telah diana lis is menggunakan analisis faktor (kaedah komponen utama) dan analisis gugusan Purata-K. Keputusan kajian ini menunjukkan bahawa terdapat perkaitan positif di antara setiap strategi generik dengan faktor-faktor kelebihan dayasaing, Ini menunjukkan firma-firma ini mempunyai pelbagai sumber untuk memperolehi atau menjamin kedudukan lebihan daya saing di dalam industri. Keputusan analisis MANOVA juga menunjukkan terdapat pengaruh strategi generik terhadap faktor-faktor kelebihan daya saing, Implikasi kajian juga dibincangkan.

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