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Sulaiman, Meor Zailan

  • Vol 3 (1987) - Articles
    An Analysis of the Voice of America and Radio Moscow Broadcast
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  • Vol 4 (1988) - Articles
    Film as a Medium of Expression: A Choice Between Censorship and Social Responsibility
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  • Vol 5 (1989) - Articles
    The Depiction of the Leading Male Characters in the Film of Alfred Hitchcock
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  • Vol 6 (1990) - Articles
    Filem Dokumentari dan Peranannya dalam Menggerakkan Kesedaran Sosial di Dekad Tiga Puluhan
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  • Vol 8 (1992) - Articles
    The Emergence of Commercial Television in Malaysia and Its Performance During the Early Period of Its Existence
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  • Vol 10 (1994) - Articles
    Gone with the Wind: The Manifestation of the Producer's Courage and Determination in its Making
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