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Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) has been listed in SCOPUS since 2006. Please check here for further info.



Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) has now been listed in EconLit. 


"CCI is used to determine the influence of a journal. Journals that are frequently cited are considered to have more influence on future research. Also, journals that have been published for five years or more are considered to influence future research. The citation count and the longevity of publication are the two factors that are considered to determine a journal's influence."

Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) has been listed in Cabell's since 2013.


"The Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia initiated the establishment of the Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC) in 2011. MCC is responsible for collating, monitoring, coordinating and improving the standard of scholarly journal publications in Malaysia. MCC will maintain a citation system, named MyCite or Malaysian Citation Index. MyCite will provide access to bibliographic as well full-text contents of scholarly journals published in Malaysia in the fields of Sciences, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences and the Humanities. Besides this, MyCite will provide citation and bibliometric reports on Malaysian researchers, journals and institutions based only on the contents within MyCite. It is estimated that there are over 500 Malaysian journals, the contents of which needs to be made visible globally so that Malaysian researchers can identify expertise, areas of possible collaboration, stimulate use and citations."

Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) has been listed in MyCite since its establishement in 2011. You may click here for further info regarding JEM.


Google Scholar

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All articles published by Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (JEM) are continously kept track by Google Scholar. The number of citations will be counted to calculate your h-index.