[ms] Method of Resolving Inheritance Problem of New Muslim Converts in Malaysia

Nurul ‘Izzah Baharudin, Noor Lizza Mohamed Said


This article discusses the occurring inheritance problem of new Muslim converts in Malaysia. There are many cases of disputed inheritance property due to conversion to Islam. The research objective is to study the methods available to resolve this problem. This is a qualitative study using a content analysis approach. Data is collected using case study method and analysed by a descriptive and thematic approach. Research findings show that several main factors in conflict of law/legislation impact converts and beneficiaries, particularly involving inheritance. Among these factors are petition for decree of nullity of previous marriage, secrecy of conversion to Islam and continuation of nafaqah (maintenance) for former spouse. This research concludes that these factors have a big impact on rights of heirs to inheritance property. Thus, this consequence requires urgent attention in property management planning through the hibah instrument as a method of resolving the inheritance problem involving property of Muslim converts in Malaysia.


Inheritance; Muslim converts; conflict of laws;, hibah

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